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Important information for the runners

Dear runners,

The central location of the Sudstroum Escher Kulturlaf is on site of the blast furnaces in Esch/Belval. The start and finish line are located here, as well as the award ceremony stage and the cultural party « After Kulturlaf Party ».

We highly recommend to come to the site Belval on foot, by bicycle or with public transport (train and bus). We have a covered, protected and secured bicycle parking.

Mobility on foot / by bicycle

The access and exit of the site Belval on foot or by bicycle is guaranteed without interruption before and after the entire event.

Public transport – trains

The site Belval will NOT be accessible with the CFL trains (in direction of Luxembourg and Pétange).
The trains will be replaced by buses!
More information on and

Public transport – bus

The site Belval is accessible by the TICE busses, circulating according to their usual time table, before the run (coming from Esch-Gare and Differdange) and after the run to leave the site (in direction of Esch-Gare and Differdange). More information on and

By car

4 parking spaces are available close-by the start and finish line and the « After Kulturlaf Party » 

Parking CFL
Parking Square Mile
Parking Belval-Plaza I & II
Parking Université