Iess e Stéck Kuch an hëllef a.s.b.l.

You cannot resist a yummy piece of cake? You have a big heart and want to be active for the good cause?

In that case „Iess e Stéck Kuch an hëllef a.s.b.l.“ (“Eat a Piece of Cake and Help”) is just right for you!

We founded the project in 2016 in order to support organisations of public utility in Luxembourg. We collect donations by selling cakes at various events. The entire donations are then transferred to organisations that support people in need, animals or the environment.

Every action counts! So, Be Active – Eat a Piece of Cake!

Le rêve du petit prince a.s.b.l

The organisation « le rêve du petit prince » was founded with the following goals:

Fulfil a last wish, their hearts’ desire, to children who are affected by an incurable disease

Offer dolphin therapy to children, who are victims of neglect, physical or psychic abuse and where thereafter placed in a home. Through dolphin therapy these children are supported in overcoming their trauma.